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Orc Work - the small yet strong team of bright creative people. Our goal is simple - to create unique and hardcore games full of hidden depths and dark ambiance that will give new experiences and thrills for our players. Every game, which makes Orcs, is the quintessence of many years of experience, original ideas and unconventional view of the established genres and game mechanics. Maybe we can inspire you too.



Hard Orcish Friday

Art, Dungeon and[...]

Soul hunter equipment

Detailed design of the Soul Hunter’s equipment[...]

Evilibrium 2

Coming soon to your smartphones and[...]


Dmitry Yamaykin

Brain missing. Tastes like chicken.

Game Designer



Graphic Designer

Albert Galimov

The Russkiy Mir!

Characters Animator

Bella Zhukova

Our decisions define who we are.

Server Programmer

Serge Himmelreich

Hard work, Hard fun!

General Producer

Helen Allien Poe

There are no girls on the internet.


Roman Kovrigin

Archery and Diving.

Senior Programmer

Akeem Denisov

Epic business through epic stories.

Buisness Development

Nikita Ermachkoff

Best Game Designer by my Boss!

Game Designer

Serge Kharchenko

Jumping is my life.

PR Shaman

Pavel Zinov

Games =) music, books and physics.

Senior Programmer

Coming Soon

is a collectible card game with a role-play twist for mobile devices. The game invites you to the alternate reality at the beginning of the 20th century full of mystics, adventure, horrific creatures, dark rituals and secret cults.

guides you into the altered universe where souls are real and solid and are commonly used as the source of energy, where the doors to the outer worlds are open ajar, where the art of necromancy is illegal yet practiced, where statues and constructs are brought to life as golems and are walking the streets in broad daylight, where human’s greed is a curse and the very reason the world is doomed almost beyond salvation. From the deepest abyss of the outer dimensions the hideous swarm of abominable beings is marching on and our hero is the one to stand up to the fight. You will be challenged to maneuver between the eminent interests of powerful societies, to unwind the tangled intrigues and secrets, to align with the one of the world’s powers or stand your ground and become the true neutral. And of course, the last but not least – to battle the horde of monsters, to crush them with the iron fist of skill and power, to capture their souls, to bind them into servitude for the rest of eternity, to build the Evil Army of your own to subdue… well, the other evil armies. Fight fire with fire they say.